If you have ever watched TV then you have been hypnotized!

Well, you’ve watched a film, haven’t you? You’ve watched TV? You’ve all been to the cinema? These are all examples of hypnosis in action, because you simply could not see the things, the actions on the screen – your mind would not make
sense of those of those blobs of images or the ‘tinny’ sound – if you didn’t alter your own experience to incorporate it. In fact, you had to learn to be able to see images on a TV. You had to learn to be able to hear the certain sounds, particularly on the radio with the strange frequencies. In fact, anyone who has never watched http://www.iconversationalhypnosis.com/ – let’s say you take someone out of a tribe in the middle of the Amazon – who hasn’t even seen or heard of a television set, and you put him in front of a TV set, he will not be able to make sense of any of the images and sounds that come out of it. Because, we had to learn to do that.

How to use heightened awareness to covertly hypnotize someone

As I was growing up, I was into martial arts as many young boys are. And I remember a lot of the old stories about the ancient masters, who were so skilled at covert hypnosis that they could seemingly be asleep, but even then they knew exactly when a thief was coming into their house. Or they almost knew how someone was going to attack them before they knew it themselves.

Now for a long time, I thought that this was just an interesting story, told to people to encourage them to train better and harder. Until one day I came across an interesting tradition on the islands of Hawaii.

The Hawaiian Kahunas were keepers of the law of their particular traditions.

They were, if you like, Shamen that had some very special powers.

And one of the things that they could do is they could enter this state of awareness in which they could see everything, hear everything, and be so perceptive that they not only could tell minute differences in people, they also noticed when their environment was changing.

So they knew when it would be a good time to fish, or a good time to hunt.

Now everyone thought that these powers of covert hypnosis were magical. But really they had developed their powers of awareness to such an extreme level, they just were very, very aware, and very, very connected, to the world around them.

Now, this seems like a bit of an amazing state to be in, and perhaps a lost art, but I actually believe that everyone is capable of this.

You see, one day I was a teenager and I was sent off to a holiday camp by my parents. This holiday camp was in France and it was centred around boys doing all kinds of water sports; canoeing, kayaking, even sailing.

Now one day we had gone through, as a whole troop of 30 or 40 boys, we had been swimming down this channel – this little river – in our kayaks, and we’d stopped off at a little island to take a break and have a big picnic.

Now whilst everyone else was having their picnic, one of the instructors walks around and starts picking out a few of the boys to come with him. Now these were the more adventurous of the boys. And so, a handful of maybe 5 or 6 or maybe even 7 boys, we all followed this guy up behind a little trail, up over the top of a small cliff, and then we stood on an empty rock platform.

At this point something really interesting happened. The guide – or the leader – turned around to us and said, “Okay boys. We’re going to do something which is a little bit unusual. But before we do this, I have a question for you. ‘Do you trust

Now I don’t know about you, but the moment someone asks me if I trust them, I’m already beginning to think that something’s going on. So we’re all starting to get a little bit nervous here, but of course, under the pressure of the situation everyone says “Yes, of course we trust you.”

So he turns round to us and says, “Okay. Put your life-vests and helmets on.”

And as soon as we’d done that he said, “In a moment we’re going to line you all up, one by one. And what I want you to do is run down the side of this rock face as fast as you can, and when you get to the ledge, to the ledge of the cliff, I want you to jump as far and as hard as you can. And whatever you do, do not look down. Just run as fast as you can. And then jump as far as you can. And whatever you do, do not look down.”

Now at this stage, all of us were kind of a little bit nervous, okay. Everyone was looking at each other and no-one really wanted to be the first.

So one of the other boys, one of the more courageous ones, decided to volunteer.

He stoop up in front, and with everyone cheering him on, he runs as fast as his teenage legs can take him, he gets to the edge, he jumps, and just as he’s jumping and he’s hanging mid-air, he looks down and he goes, “Oh my god!” And then he disappears, screaming and yelling all the way down.

The point here is that this boy trusted the leader without even knowing what was going to happen. This concept is a very powerful concept in covert hypnosis called following the alpha. If you want to know more about following the alpha and even becoming the alpha then male sure you check out Academy of Hypnotherapy.